Advocacy Resources


As advocates, our faith traditions call us to speak out for justice and human dignity.  We share data and personal stories.  We have face-to-face conversations, send emails and make phone calls.  We talk with our friends and neighbors about the need for policy change.


Read and download our Faithful Citizen's Advocacy Guide to learn more about how to be an effective advocate.

A face to face meeting is the most effective way to establish a meaningful line of contact. Make your time with your legislator as effective as possible.

Calling your legislator about key bills makes a difference. Learn tips and tools to be an effective advocate over the phone.

Learn what to include (and to exclude) when writing a personalized letter or email to your legislator.

Letters to the Editor provide a platform to reach a larger audience. Learn how to make your print space more effective.

Voting is an important piece of advocacy. Register to vote in Minnesota and discover your polling place for upcoming elections.

Ready to Contact Your Legislator?

Find out who your legislators are and how to contact them.