If you believe breaking is possible, believe fixing is possible.

– Rabbi Hahamn of Breslev

Meet our Members: Tom Marver

Meet Tom Marver

Tom Marver’s faith and core values motivate his work to push for justice for the least of these through JRLC. His faith drives him to work tirelessly in the pursuit of social justice through the legislative process. “During the session I’m at the capitol almost every day,” he shared. “I go to different committee meetings, testify on issues like poverty, affordable housing, affordable childcare.”


Marver’s involvement with the political process began as a political campaign worker focused on St. Paul municipal offices. “I worked in the Mayor’s office for close to 20 years as a political appointee,” he noted. Over the last decade, he has become particularly involved as a citizen lobbyist through JRLC and Jewish Community Action, lobbying legislators to enact various aspects of JRLC’s Working Families agenda. “I got involved by seeing JRLC Day at the Capitol,” he said. “I started attending lobby day, and became a district captain, organizing my Senate district to meet with my legislators.”


In addition to his work through JRLC, Marver is particularly passionate about the issue of immigration justice. This January, as a part of a gathering of faith leaders which included some 80 rabbis, Marver peacefully protested for the continuance of DACA and a deal that protects the DREAMers, non-citizens brought to the U.S. as children by their parents. This May, he was arrested at Ft. Snelling Federal Courthouse for blocking ICE from transporting deportees to court. To Marver, his deep faith convictions necessitate peaceful protest against injustices committed against the least of these. “It’s basically one of the foundational core values of my Judaism,” he said, “to take care of the stranger and the needy.”

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