When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Meet Our Members: Greg Spofford

Greg Spofford’s religious values motivated him to help organize a robust JRLC chapter in the rural central Minnesota town of Little Falls. Working with local community and faith leaders, Greg has organized discussions around key JRLC priorities, encouraging dialogue as well as policy changes to make his local community and state hospitable to the poor, the stranger and the immigrant. “Christian values call on us to not only seek justice for the immigrant, the poor, the stranger,” he said. “The Jewish tradition, the Islamic tradition as well, is calling on us to welcome the stranger and to give drink to the thirsty as well.”


Greg’s interest in JRLC was piqued the first time he saw literature explaining JRLC’s unique structure, centered around collaboration between Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islamic faith leaders. “I saw some great literature at St. John’s university that told me about partnership between the different religions working for justice. I said to myself ‘I need to get involved with JRLC.’” Since then, Greg has participated in JRLC Day on The Hill and helped the local chapter to host important events such as the visit of the Governor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing to Little Falls, and a community dinner to welcome the first Somali-American families to Little Falls. He has made sure to invite local leaders such as Little Falls Mayor Greg Zylka and local State Rep. Ron Kresha to these events.


Looking ahead, Greg says there is much work to be done in order to ensure that the dignity of all of God’s children is respected. In particular, Greg is passionate about pushing for justice within the local community. “ We need to continue to foster positive relationships between the beautiful Muslim families of the area and assist with the homelessness and housing concerns of Little Falls and Morrison County,” he said.

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