If you believe breaking is possible, believe fixing is possible.

– Rabbi Hahamn of Breslev

May 10th CCAP Action

During the 2019 MN Legislative session, conference committees have been meeting for the last week.  Committees review and compare the House and Senate language before putting together a bill to send to the Governor.

This next week is our last opportunity as constituents to share our priorities with our legislators. Send a message about the Child Care Assistance Program to the following people using the following template:


Sample Script: 

RE: Please Support the Child Care Assistance Program

Dear ________

My name is _________ and I am a resident of __[city]__, as well as a member of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition. As a Minnesotan of faith I have a particular concern for the care, well-being, and growth of children in our state.

Every month of the year, the Child Care Assistance Program serves 30,000 children and 15,000 parents across all 87 Minnesota counties. Access to affordable child care is critical so parents can get to work, children can thrive, and businesses can have a reliable workforce. This program is a two generation approach that simultaneously helps parents achieve economic security while letting children develop in caring environments.

Please be a child care champion and support the following priorities:

  • Pass federal conformity, especially provisions related to: 1) reducing child care barriers for homeless families, 2) making it easier for Minnesota Family Investment Program to keep their child care, and 3) ensure that families already enrolled in Child Care Assistance to maintain their access if they move to a county with the wait list
  • Update provider reimbursement rates to the 2018 market survey at the 25th percentile
  • Eliminate the child care wait list and ensure that all eligible children receive the care they deserve

Thank you for your consideration.

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