2020 Legislative Agenda 



  • Affordable Housing/Emergency Shelter – Need for significant investment in the bonding bill
    We need significant investment in both affordable housing and emergency shelter.  Too many Minnesotans struggle to find a safe, affordable place to live.
  • Lead Poisoning – Pilot Project
    Too many Minnesota children are victims of lead poisoning in their own homes. JRLC supports a $2 million pilot project for lead testing and abatement in one urban and one rural area.

Driver’s License Suspension/Fines
Fees and fines from traffic violations strip assets from low-income communities.  Tacked-on surcharges drive up the cost of a basic traffic ticket to well over $100 – a hardship for many families.  We support legislation stopping the practice of driver’s license suspension for nonpayment alone and granting courts authority to waive, reduce or substitute community service for any traffic fines.

Child Care Assistance 
The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) helps low- and moderate-income families with child care costs so they can work or go to school. It is the state’s largest program serving infants and toddlers.  Minnesota needs to increase the reimbursement rates for providers (which have dropped significantly over the last six years) and to fund the program adequately to eliminate the current waiting list of 2000+ families.  Minnesota is currently out of compliance with federal requirements regarding reimbursement rates.

Maternal Mortality and Morbidity/Access to Medicaid Data
Low income women and women of color are significantly more likely to die during or after childbirth. JRLC supports expanded efforts to identify women who had serious medical complications or died as a result of childbirth, and allow a broader review of prenatal care in order to improve outcomes.

Hate/Bias Crimes
We support legislation requiring additional training of peace officers on identification and response to bias crimes and strengthening current laws around penalties for vandalism and other bias crimes. 

Gun safety
Minnesota needs to close the loophole that allows gun sales between private owners without a background check.