2018 Legislative Session

last updated 6/1/2018

Affordable Housing Bonding

The 2018 session is over and Governor Dayton has signed or vetoed all bills with JRLC priorities in them. Most recently, Governor Dayton signed the Public Works bill on May 30th. This bill includes $90 million in bonding for affordable housing, breaking out to be:
  • $50M in unrestricted Housing Infrastructure Bonds for the development of new structures;
  • $30M in Housing Infrastructure Bonds that is restricted to the development of new structures for individuals with behavioral health needs;
  • $10M in General Obligation Bonds to rejuvenate existing public housing structures.

Tax Policy, Driver's License/No Suspension of Licenses for Unpaid Fines, Child Care Access for Homeless Families

Governor Dayton vetoed the Omnibus and Tax Bills that included the remainder of JRLC's priorities. None of our issues were the basis for the vetos.

With your help, we were able to educated legislators about affordable housing, child care accessibility, reducing the impact of fees and fines, and maintaining protections for low- and moderate-income Minnesotans in our tax code. We’ll build on this work as we look toward 2019. 

Gambling Expansion And Work Requirements for Medicaid 

JRLC worked to successfully defeat efforts that would have expanded gambling in Minnesota through online sports betting, and to defeat a measure that would have required recipients of Medicaid in Minnesota to report at least 20 hours of work per week, increasing the cost of program administration for social service agencies and creating hardship for Medicaid recipients.

2018 Session

The 2018 Minnesota legislative session begins February 20th and ends May 21st. See below for issue papers and additional information about our agenda items.


Reducing Fees and Fines           Affordable Housing Bonding               Accessible Childcare  


Click on an icon for a one-page description of JRLC's 2018 legislative asks. Some descriptions come from the coalitions of which JRLC is a member.


You can find archived e-mails about our legislative priorities here:

Fees and Fines

Bonding for Affordable Housing

Childcare Accessibility