2017 Legislative Session Summary

The JRLC and our network of faithful citizens were vocal and frequent advocates of the need to remember all Minnesotans when making budget and policy decisions.

During the 2107 Session, the JRLC helped make some important progress:

  • Made it easier for families participating in the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) to choose to marry.  Our bill to address the marriage disincentive in the MFIP Program passed with broad bi-partisan support.
  • Expanded the Working Family Credit to adults ages 21-25 without dependents. These adults will now be eligible to receive this valuable tax credit.
  • Defeated a reduction in the Renter’s Credit. This tax credit, used by seniors, people who are disabled, and low income Minnesotans, remains unchanged.
  • For the first time in 31 years, an MFIP cash assistance increase was included in the HHS bill sent to the Governor. Unfortunately, no increase was included in the final bill.

There is more work to be done on these and other issues. We look forward to the 2018 Legislative Session and seeing you at our 2018 JRLC Day on the Hill, March 13, 2018.