Action Alerts!

1. Please contact Gov. Walz, Lt. Gov. Flanagan, and Senate Majority Leader Gazelka and tell them about the need for one-time, emergency MFIP payments. Please thank the Governor and Lieutenant Governor for their work on this issue, and please encourage Senator Gazelka to support it. 


  • The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) provides cash grants to Minnesota's poorest children and families. These parents are often working in low-wage positions--hospitality, retail, and service--that have seen tremendous cuts. They don't qualify for unemployment compensation because they don't meet the threshold of 32 hours/week. Without this income, children and families are really struggling.
  • These families need help now! A $500 grant will be spent immediately in Minnesota communities. Rent and utilities are still due. These families need to purchase basic necessities like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and diapers right away.
  • We have existing federal TANF dollars to fund these one-time, $500 emergency payments to families.

2. Please ask your legislators to support a bonding bill that includes significant funding for housing infrastructure.  


  • Access to a safe, affordable, stable home shapes people's lives. Without access to housing, many people face educational, health, and employment challenges. Housing is a matter of human dignity.
  • There are shovel ready projects that will help stimulate the economy in both Greater Minnesota and in the metro.
  • The COVID-19 crisis has increased Minnesota's affordable housing crisis. Many shelters are at capacity and thousands of households are barely able to make ends meet.
  • In the most recent Wilder study 56% of people experiencing homelessness said it was because they could not find an affordable place to live.

Share what you see in your community and let them know you are a constituent.