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What's happening now?

The Joint Religious Legislative Coalition is so excited to announce that we have hired Leah Patton as our Executive Director. Leah brings extensive experience and relationships in advocacy and lobbying, a history of building up organizations, and a passion for organizing people for positive change.

Please join us in welcoming Leah to the JRLC.  She can be reached at [email protected] 

Leah and the JRLC Board will be guided by our new Strategic Plan.  This plan will help us focus on JRLC’s mission, vision and values, and build on our foundation of 50 years of service to our communities. 

Meet our Members


Patrice Critchley-Menor, Duluth

Patrice, from the Office of the Social Aspostolate in the Catholic Diocese of Duluth,  is a JRLC board member and has been an active and tireless advocate for Minnesotans who are struggling.  She loves to talk about the JRLC and the importance of the faith voice in the policy debate.