2022 Legislative Agenda

JRLC 2022 Legislative Agenda

Sacred Communities/Tiny House Legislation

The JRLC supports exploring numerous options to address the homeless crisis in our state.  Minnesota law does not currently allow tiny houses as permanent housing unless they have running water with a bathroom and kitchen.  Some faith communities want to create small tiny house communities with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities, with each unit having a compostable toilet.  The JRLC supports a very limited change in Minnesota law to allow places of worship or non-profits to allow these sacred communities.


Child Care Assistance 

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) helps low- and moderate-income families with child care costs so they can work or go to school. It is the state’s largest program serving infants and toddlers.  Minnesota needs to increase the reimbursement rates for providers and to fund the program adequately to eliminate the current waiting list of 2000+ families.  Minnesota is currently out of compliance with federal requirements regarding reimbursement rates.


Emergency Shelter

80 of Minnesota’s 87 counties lack necessary emergency shelter beds. The need continues to rise.  JRLC supports significant bonding to create emergency shelter.


Affordable Housing

Across Minnesota, communities need more affordable housing.  20% of Minnesota rental households are severely cost-burdened, spending 50% or more of their household income for housing.  JRLC advocates for a substantial investment in affordable housing as part of our bonding bill.


Addressing Gambling Expansion

As advocates for gambling expansion push to create easy access to sports betting, daily fantasy sports and other online gambling, the JRLC supports limits on access to online gambling and adequate support those dealing with gambling addiction and their families.


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