2019 Session

The 2019 special session ended in the early morning hours of May 25th and included progress on several JRLC issues; thank you for all the work you did to make this happen!  Many of the Omnibus bills came together on the final day of session with little time for review.  Here's a quick recap of this issues we advocated for in 2019:
  • Beginning in February 2020, MFIP families will receive an additional $100/month - the first increase in 33 years.
  • The provider tax used to fund health care for low income Minnesotans will remain in effect, with a reduction from 2% to 1.8%.
  • Families experiencing homelessness will now be eligible for childcare assistance for up to three months as they look for employment and housing.  Applications for child care assistance for these families will now be expedited, with an eligibility decision in 5 days.
  • The time limit on use of the portability pool for families using the child care program is removed.  Currently, if a family moves to a county with a waiting list, child care assistance can be terminated after 6 months.
  • The Working Family Credit for low- and moderate-income families was expanded.
  • Over the next two years, $450,000 will be available to nonprofits (for example, synagogues and mosques) for security measures to protect from terrorism.
There was no action on suspending driver’s licenses for failure to pay traffic fines or allowing courts to waive, reduce or substitute community services for traffic fines.  Other unsuccessful efforts include limits on payday lending, driver’s licenses for immigrants, and gun violence prevention.

See below for additional information and resources about our 2019 agenda items.


                                MFIP                                 Childcare              Fees/Fines & License Protections        Early Education Supports        Tax Credits for Working Families

Dive deeper into each of these legislative priorities! Click the above icons for videos, figures/infographics, articles, and verses from religious texts on each priority.