Justice, justice, you shall pursue.

– Deuteronomy 16:20

Happy New Year

We wish a blessed new year of the Hirji calendar to our Muslim friends and Shanah Tova to our Jewish friends!

Joint Religious Legislative Coalition

Interfaith Advocacy for Social Justice

Our four faith traditions


Guided by God's vision of the common good as reflected in
Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions,
JRLC mobilizes religious communities to
influence public policy for social justice in Minnesota.


The largest and most inclusive interfaith public interest group in Minnesota

What's happening now?

 The JRLC Board is working to develop our 2018 Legislative Agenda. Please take our survey and share what is happening in your community and your thoughts on the upcoming session.

The JRLC has consistently worked to protect consumers trapped in payday loans. Last October, the JRLC joined groups around the country in submitting comments on proposed consumer lending regulations.
Yesterday, the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Board released final regulations covering Payday Loans across the country.  And they are good news for consumers. The final rules address several concerns raised by JRLC and other consumer advocates. To read comments from our Executive Director, click here.
And if you know of Minnesotans caught in the payday loan spiral of debt, please direct them to Exodus Lending, a non-profit that has helped hundreds of families get out of the payday loan debt-trap.  

In September, JRLC co-sponsored an event about childhood poverty solutions. Watch the video to hear from an economist about the importance of early childhood poverty education. 

Thank you 48in48! A dedicated group of volunteers and sponsors gave 48 non-profits in the Twin Cities IT support to develop their websites. JRLC is honored to have been one of them.

Executive Director Anne Krisnik and Board Treasurer Doug Mitchell discussed policy and public interest with an interfaith group of Nigerian travelers.

Meet our Members


Patrice Critchley-Menor, Duluth

Patrice, from the Office of the Social Aspostolate in the Catholic Diocese of Duluth,  is the current JRLC Board Chair and has been an active and tireless advocate for Minnesotans who are struggling.  She loves to talk about the JRLC and the importance of the faith voice in the policy debate.  Look for her at Day on the Hill!